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What is ITH (In The Hoop) Machine Embroidery?

Bunny Rabbit Embroidery Machine ITH Sewing Pattern
 General Machine Embroidery Help
Machine Embroidery Doll Faces - Get it right every time!

Sewing PDF Tutorials
Sewing Pattern How To's, Tips & Tricks! 

big list of free doll making tips and trickshow to ladder stitch What fabric where when making a doll How to cut a doll pattern out of fabric

cutting out felt how to 1

Painting doll faces tute Quilters disappearing ink fabric pen tutorial

Removing Wrinkles from Dolls Faces

embroidery faces doll

how to make doll cheeks

Cotton  Appliqués

reducing my sewing patterns

Customize Your Creations

Hemostats for doll makingwhip stitch tuorialFray Check TutorialCrayola fabric marker easy art doll tutorial

washing vintage fabric how to

washing finished dolls


Free Pattern Tutorials
Dolly Donations - Sending Love 1 Dolly at a Time!

Free Mini Small Cloth Doll Sewing Pattern Tutorial

Cottage Industries Help
Sell Your finished DADD creations!

Fabric label how to 1 pricing dolls and softies to sell

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