Precious Little Poppets 6a

Do the Dress Up Clothes fit the Small Doll Sewing patterns and the ITH Dress Up Patterns? YES!

For the Small Doll Sewing Patterns - Reduce the pattern size by 50% ... have a little dolly fitting session .... 'tweak' them a little .. ta-da one dress up mini dolly.

For the ITH Dress Up Patterns
  • The 8 x 12 doll size - is pretty much spot on.
  • 7 x 12 is a tad smaller so you can try actual size or scale down by 95 %
  • 6 x 10 is 80% and the 5 x7 ... not many people make the clothes for this size but i would start trying at around 65% 

How To Reduce Patterns

1) Print the pattern out full size and reduce it on the photocopier.

Change the print settings in Adobe Acrobat Reader instead of the Actual Size (which you would want for normal size Dress Up Doll & 8x12 hoop doll clothes) click the Custom Scale box and add your % you wish to reduce it to. 

Precious Little Poppets dress up doll
Melissa added her own twist to a mini version of my Party Dress & Skirt & Top Doll Clothes Patterns
Sarah’s patterns are incredible! Wonderful clear tutorials, great photos and the dolls so easy to put together. The finished dolls are just beautiful." Melissa 

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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