Meet the Maker

Hi, I'm Sarah, the Indie Pattern Designer behind Dolls And Daydreams™.   I specialize in Fun & Fast Step by Step Photo Tutorial Doll & Plush Toy Patterns that even a beginner sewist will be able to make.  And the best part is, your doll will look just like mine!   I love to create, not a day goes by when I am not sketching, stitching, or daydreaming up a new doll pattern for my wonderful clients to enjoy.

Basket of dollies!    


Experience – a lifetime of learning

With over 600+ original designs in my catalogue and numerous recognizable design ranges, it might seem surprising to find out that I stumbled into this profession.  I come from a long line of artists, it’s in my blood and mirrored in my schooling, so when I had the opportunity to help Haitian children in need, I didn’t hesitate.  I designed a simple charity doll pattern, set up a doll drive and sent over 500+ dolls to orphanages in Haiti.  That was back in 2010, and through this and many other doll drives, Dolls And Daydreams™ was born.  How did that happen? Well, it all started with a special doll pattern request, the Superhero. So many of my designs are linked to real people, real animal charities, real kids, like the Superhero doll, designed for a little boy battling cancer and the Schoolgirl doll designed for a little girl scared to wear an eye patch on her glasses to school.  I don’t think I will ever stop designing for those in need, it brings me so much joy to know I can help in some small way.


doll pattern maker from sketch to finished doll by dolls and daydreams


Original Designs – the magic is in the details

With over 11 years in the toy pattern industry and 25 in the art world, you won’t find any clip art here.  I specialize in original 1 of a kind designs.  From the initial project sketches right down to the very last prototype, I make sure each doll created is original, heirloom quality, meets the highest toy industry standards of construction and has the smallest number of pattern pieces possible.   Not only does this mean you can quickly create dolls and toys with confidence, without the stress of product flaws, but you will be able to give a finished doll knowing that their new best friend cannot be found anywhere else!



In the Spotlight – have you seen one of my dolls?

From features in Block Buster Movies, TV commercials, Prime Time Series, Video Games, Books, Magazines and more – you will undoubtedly already recognize and feel familiar with my designs.  These original dolls and plush toys are easy to spot once you start creating them yourself!  


Thank you to all the Dolls And Daydreams Doll and Softie Makers around the world

Thank you to all of the DADD community – all 30,000+ of you!

🥰 I couldn’t do it without your love and support!   Nothing makes me happier than to see your finished dolls and plush soft toys made with my patterns.   Come share your DADD creations with me in my fun & friendly Facebook Dolly Making Group and 🥰 Please Leave a Review under your favorite patterns! 

happy customer reviews of sewing and machine embroidery cloth doll and soft toy patterns by dolls and daydreams
Sarah Dolls And Daydreams Doll And Plush Softie Toy Pattern Designer