You will receive 2 E-mails

sent to the e-mail address you use on your payment Process/Account (e.g. paypal).


      1. Order confirmation e-mail containing your Order Number
      2. Link e-mail containing the link to your Pattern 

* Please check your Spam/Junk folders for your Link e-mail


Collect the pattern yourself  

  1. Log in to your Dolls And Daydreams Account to find out your Order Number
  2. Enter your Order Number & E-mail Address here 


 Time Sensitive

Pattern Links are Time Sensitive and have a limited number of Downloads to 2 unique devices.

* Only Click the link ONCE & wait for the Pattern to fully download before opening it.

Please download and save to your Computer/laptop straightaway.


Adobe Reader - View, Save, Print PDFs

PDF Sewing Machine Patterns & ITH PDF Photo Tutorials

 Adobe Reader is required to view and print your PDF Instructions Find it for Free here:

* Mac users * please open your PDF Patterns up directly in Adobe Reader and NOT Apple’s default PDF reader called Preview.

Embroidery Machine Patterns

All file types & the PDF Tutorial will be in a zip folder.  Your computer will unzip it automatically.   You MUST have an embroidery machine to work with these files and a way to transfer the files from your computer to your embroidery machine.

The  PDF tutorial is in the zip folder.  Scroll down to find it - You will need to copy and paste the PDF out of the zip onto your computer and view it using Adobe Reader. (see above)