Many of my lovely Sewing Pattern Clients have been introduced to "in the hoop" or 'ITH' items through my Facebook Group and seen the Machine Embroidery or ITH patterns in my shop. As you can see from the Promo Photo above I always try to release both an ITH and a PDF Sewing Pattern at the same time to keep all of my lovely clients happy and able to stitch up a cute dolly or toy that day!

Watch a Quick Kids Teddy being made ITH!

Always wondered what on earth ITH is?! Now's your chance to watch how it works!

So what is ITH?

In the Hoop (ITH) means you will be creating a 3D item - a doll or softie - using ITH Digital Pattern Files on an Embroidery Machine (B) within a Machine Embroidery Hoop (A).  Usually there is a tiny bit of hand sewing to close the doll or softie after stuffing.   And on the larger Dress up Toys you will sew the legs on securely using a Sewing Machine (don't worry no ugly seems will be visible!).  But that is it - everything else is made entirely ITH.

ITH Patterns are digital files you load onto your Embroidery Machine.  There is NO paper pattern to print off.  You copy and paste them out of your zip folder and onto your computer/stick drive or directly to the machine (File Transfer depends on your machine make).  What you see on your screen is what will stitch out inside the hoop in a series of steps.

Follow along using your DADD Step by Step Photo Tutorial - it makes it so super easy and yes, every single step is explained and photographed!  You can print them out or use a handheld device to read them instead.

Embroidery machines can start in the price range of about $400 USD and go up from there in to the tens of thousands. You can get a good starter machine with a 5x7 hoop (which is about medium size) for about $600 USD. Once you have the machine, you will need stabilizer and embroidery thread and embroidery bobbin and such. A little bit of research on Google will tell you everything you will need to get started. :-) 

Yes ITH doll and Toy making is faster than Sewing on a Sewing Machine - a typical softie will take under an hour - you are however, unlike on a sewing machine, often limited by your Hoop Size and you will need extra software if you want to make any customizations ;)

Remember the Larger the Hoop Size .. the Larger the Doll or Softie you can make!!

But don't worry  - even smaller hoop sized dolls are adorable!!!  Here's a 5x7 ... 
And look how cute the 4x4's are!!!! They make the perfect pocket friends, mobiles & key chains!

ALL sizes and formats are included in your purchase - so if ever you upgrade your machine you will never have to repurchase the pattern in a bigger size.  Hooray! 

So how do you make it ITH?

It's Easy! Open up your DADD Step by Step Photo Tutorial Each step is photographed and explained - so you can't go wrong!

DADD dolls and stuffies all have limbs/parts that you make first in the Parts Hoop. You will simply put down a couple pieces of fabric, press the button and the machine will stitch the limbs out perfectly - no wonky lines!!  Remove them from the hoop, cut them out, turn and stuff!

The limbs are attached to the body in the Body Hoop. Add the back fabric, press the button, and stitch it together, take it out of the hoop, trim around the outside, turn, stuff and sew the stuffing holl shut!  Voila! you have a finished doll/softie to HUG and LOVE!

DADD ITH Machine Embroidery Patterns

General ITH Help

What fabric where? Stabilizer etc etc Here is a quick Free ITH FAQ Page Here

What File Type - Downloading/Printing help;  FAQ Page

How to Machine Embroider Doll Faces 

All the DADD Accessory Faces will fit into a 4x4 Hoop and can be used with both the ITH Doll and the Sewing Pattern Doll ranges.

Go HERE for the full free tutorial 
Scaling the Dress Up Clothes to fit the Dress Up ITH Toys
All of the Dress Up Clothes Patterns will fit your ITH Dress Up Dolls & Plush Toys! Hooray! It's super easy simply print out the patterns at a different Size/Scale depending on your hoop size! Find a free Tutorial Here! 
8 x 12 doll size - is pretty much spot on.
7 x 12 is a tad smaller so you can try actual size or scale down by 95 %
6 x 10 is 80% 
5 x7 ... not many people make the clothes for this size but i would start trying at around 65%
Please note that if you over stuff your dolls you might have to play with these sizes just a tad ;) 

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