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Do I need an Account?

No - feel free to purchase patterns as a 'Guest'.

Yes - Please make an account, It's quick & easy & means ...

1)) Keep track of your Purchases - No double orders!
2) Easily look up order numbers for re-downloading!
3) Save time checking out! 
4) Never send to the wrong e-mail again ;) 
5)Create a Wish List.

Sign up for one Here!

See our 'How to Make an Account' Tutorial Here!

I Can’t Log In??

As you can buy without having an account that is probably what has happened.  Don’t worry simply Sign Up for an Account Here with your e-mail and it will pull your past 'Guest' order history over. 

Our site will never create 2 accounts for the same e-mail ;) 

See our 'How to Make an Account' Tutorial Here!

I need to update my Account E-mail

Send an e-mail to Sarah@DollsAndDaydreams.com  with your old and new e-mail addresses and we will sort it out for you. 

Please DO NOT create a new account – you will lose your Order History.

How do I Instantly Download my pattern?

Please read ‘Instant Downloads’ found Here.

I Can’t see the Files?

I promise they are there!! This is most common with Embroidery Machine Zip Pattern Files.  There are 2 culprits for this.
1) If you are running an embroidery software at the same time as trying to unzip your file it can hide some file types. e.g. PES.  Fix: Re-start your computer and make sure no other packages are open when you open and copy your files out of your zip folder.
2) Windows 10 - is a pain!! It will re-name your files - so irritating - Fix: you need to change the settings in Windows to see the real file names.  Main things it likes to hide are -  it turns PDF's to read JPEG and PES seem to vanish & JEF to 'Digitizer Stitch File' 

I Lost my Patterns! How can I get them? 

Don't worry it is easy! 

  1. Log in to your Dolls And Daydreams Account to find out your Order Number
  2. Enter your Order Number & E-mail Address here http://DollsAndDaydreams.fetchapp.com/orders 
Has your order timed out?  Don't worry I can easily open it up again for you.  Send me your Order Number to Sarah@DollsAndDaydreams.com and I will resend  it :)   
Please Note: If you purchased before my instant download system via Etsy or another website in 2013 or before, there is a $3 admin fee per lost pattern.

Why do my orders say "Unfulfilled"?

Orders will only be “Fulfilled” if you payed shipping fees and receive a physical item.  As these are Instant Downloads there is no need to charge or ship to clients.

Can I Sell Finished Products made from your patterns?

Yes! Please see my Policies

I'm making a doll, I'm stuck, who can I ask?

We have an amazing friendly Facebook Doll Making Group Here - it's international so someone will be awake to help :) 

Come join even if you don't need help - so much dolly making fun & inspiration! 

Do You Sell Finished Dolls?

No I don’t. However lots of talented ladies do, pop over to my Facebook Doll Making Group to request one!

Do you have Sales?

I don't have public Sales, I like to keep my prices as low as possible all year around.
However, If you sign up to my Newsletter you will never miss a New Pattern or one of my Secret Sales again! 


How to use a Discount code at checkout?

Codes are always one word, please check your spelling when entering them. Pop over here for a full Step by Step Tutorial on how to use them at checkout.

Do you sell Gift Cards?

Yes we do!  You can purchase them in $20, $50 or $100 or add a couple to your cart to make up the amount you are after!  Find them Here!

Need to check your balance? If you purchased your gift card using your account, then you can check the balance through the link provided in the email of that original purchase.
Otherwise, please contact us directly at admin@dollsanddaydreams.com with your card details.

Do you have a Printable Catologue?

Yes pop over here to download them! 

Do I need a Sewing Machine for your Sewing Patterns?

No, you can sew them by hand if you wish but I recommend reducing my larger patterns to save you time or picking a small pattern.

How do I print the Sewing Pattern pieces?

* Full size pattern pieces just Print and Sew! (No need to enlarge or resize!)
* Set Printer to 'Actual Size'. 

Don’t have a Printer?

You can always save the file onto an external device, e.g. external hard drive, CD-RW, Flash or jump drive and print them at your local printers.

Printer Trouble

For more Information please visit Adobe’s Help Center:
General Troubleshooting Info
Troubleshooting for Macs

Do I need an Embroidery Machine for your ‘In The Hoop’ Embroidery Patterns?

Yes. You MUST have an embroidery machine to work with these files and a way to transfer the files from your computer to your embroidery machine.

What Embroidery Machine formats do you offer?

❤ PES - VIP - XXX - HUS - JEF - EXP and DST

* If you own a machine that does not work with these formats you can download free conversion software to convert your files at this website: http://www.wingsxp.com/index.php/my_editor/ 

If ever you experience a problem with a format, try redownloading the zip file or use the DST format. Most machines can also read DST in addition to their default.

* Need .ART Format? Bernina Software can convert other files types over – it's Free grab it Here and take a look at there How to guide Here 

Need .vp3 Format?  Viking Software can convert nearly all other files over to VP3 – it’s free – grab it Here

Can I alter your Embroidery Machine Design File Sizes?

Please use design files as sent, I cannot guarantee the quality of the design if you alter, resize, or reformat the design in any way.

Will the Dress Up Clothes fit the ITH Dress Up Toys

Yes they will!  Find a Tutorial Here!  The 8 x 12 doll size - is pretty much spot on.
7 x 12 is a tad smaller so you can try actual size or scale down by 95 %
6 x 10 is 80% and the 5 x7 ... not many people make the clothes for this size but i would start trying at around 65% 

Why is the file ‘Secure’?

All of my PDF Sewing Patterns and Tutorials are “SECURE” and locked so that my original work cannot be altered or tampered with in anyway. This is a validation that you have purchased an original Dolls And Daydreams™ Pattern free from Viruses.

File ‘corrupted’ or ‘damaged’?

Sometimes a ZIP or PDF file becomes ‘damaged or corrupt’ when downloaded due to different internet connections, operating systems or if opened before it has fully downloaded.
Simply delete the first download & download it again this time waiting until it has downloaded fully before you try to open it.

Common Computer Hiccup
Most common problems can be fixed by simply Restarting your Computer. 


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