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There's nothing worse then when you turn your dolly sandwich the right way only to find that her beautiful face is all wrinkled up like an old paper bag!!! On no .. now what?!!  
Do you iron it? That can mess up your embroidery stitches ... or painted face design  ......
Do you cross your fingers and hope that when you stuff her the majority of the wrinkles and lines will come out? If the wrinkles aren't too bad they often do lighten or fall out when stuffed ... but when they are deep and obvious ... why risk it ... you want a pretty flat face ..... 
Look no further, I have the answer, and it doesn't matter if she's stuffed or not :) it works both ways!
spray bottle of water
Grab a spray bottle!!!!
Pop her flat on the table ... face up .... and mist (not squirt!) water over her face (if you have used disappearing ink it might reappear ... don't panic! It will disappear again! hehehe)
how to stuff a dolls head copy
Now stuff her ... or if you have already stuffed her ... lightly press down on her face and then walk away ......  
pop your feet up ......
wait for her to dry ..... 
...... and WOW!!!!    What a pretty smooth face she has!!
Smooth doll face 1 copy
I did try this on my own face, misting it with water and waiting .... and waiting ... but I am sad to say this method doesn't work for human skin ... yup my wrinkles didn't disappear hehehehehe ahhh such is life!
 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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