How to Create Cute Doll Cheeks | 5 Easy Styles

👉😍 Watch the Latest Episode of DollsAndDaydreamsTV!! 🥰How to Create Cute Doll Cheeks | 5 Easy Styles 

Quickly Learn 5 Easy Methods using Pastels, Wax Crayons, Fabric Marker Pens, Acrylic Paint, and Blusher (makeup). Whether you like a bold Kawaii Cute look or a soft Art Doll one, there's a technique for you!

😘✂️Hope you enjoy and subscribe to my channel!

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Jan Squires April 01, 2021

Thank you sew kindly for sharing. Great to see your smiling face live

Love Blush

Linda Earle April 01, 2021

Will try some of the different techniques, but blusher was definitely my favourite.

Alessandra April 01, 2021

I definitely prefer the pastel! It’s my favorite.

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