The whip stitch is ever so easy and fast. Some people close there softie with a whip stitch but I don’t recommend it for that as it makes the softie look unfinished and a tad ugly if I say so myself … I always choose the invisible Ladder Stitch to close.

However, the whip stitch is lovely and secure (so good when making toys for kiddies under 3), and is great for closing fabrics with multiple layers or that are really thick. I love it for felt. It can look brilliant when you use the same colored thread as your fabric (here I used black so you’d be able to see it) and incorporate it into your design.

Simply pass your needle through both pieces of fabric and follow the direction as shown in the diagram. Try and keep the stitches the same length.  You can either keep the stitches straight (as in the diagram) or at an angle as I did in the photo.
 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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