Aug 08, 2016

New Doll Faces Patterns are here!

My New Dolly Faces are here!  4 fabulous ones to completely change the look of your dolls! They come in both Hand embroidery/Painting Templates and Machine Embroidery Patterns.
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May 27, 2016

My New ITH Schoolgirl Pattern is here! Hooray!

My New ITH Schoolgirl Pattern is here! Hooray! These studious sweeties come in 4 hoop sizes and makes the perfect back to school gift and best friend for your little ones!

Grab my ITH Schoolgirl Pattern Here!

★ Removable Glasses ★ Removable Shoes ★ 2 Pigtail Options ★ 3D bang/fringe option ★ Fun Fast and so versatile!

A fan favorite since it's release in 2012 - don't forget I have the sewing...
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Nov 13, 2015

My Enchanted Elves Patterns are Here!!

My Enchanted Elves are Here!!  Find ALL of my X-mas Patterns HERE! Whip up the perfect cheeky festive friends for your little ones this Christmas! 

Get the ITH Enchanted Elf Here!

These magical mischievous elves can't wait to play!

Get the PDF Sewing Pattern Here! 

What fun you will have stitching them up in all the amazing x-mas prints!! 
 Happy Handmade Holidays!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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Oct 02, 2015

Dolly Dress Up Add-ons are Here!

I am excited to introduce my Dolly Dress Up Add-on! Dollies Like to Play Dress Up Too! Make your Kiddies and Dollies Matching Costumes with these fun easy PDF Sewing Patterns. Doll, Kids & Adult Sizes included, for family fun!

Doll Romper & Shoes pattern Sold Separately!

Already have one of my costume patterns, check your e-mail, if you brought it from www.DollsAndDaydreams.comyou will have been...
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Aug 31, 2015

☠ Captain Hook & the Pirate Princess ITH patterns are Here! ☠

Pirate ITH Embroidery Machine Pattern

My Pirate In The Hoop Embroidery machine pattern is here and includes everything you see, their fab face, removable hats and boots, and swords and a step by step photo tutorial so you can't go wrong! Fun, Fast and Versatile!

Pirate ITH Embroidery Machine Pattern

Grab your swashbuckling ITH pattern HERE!

Pirate ITH Embroidery Machine Pattern

PDF Pirate Sewing Pattern equivalent can be found HERE 

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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Aug 20, 2015

Tiny Tim Doll Pattern Release is here!

Tiny Tim ITH Embroidery Pattern

 Tiny Tim Pattern Release is here! PLUS Bonus Embroidery Machine 4x4 hoop Face Pack! This cheeky little chap can't wait to play rough and tumble games with his sister, Tiny Tilda!

Find my ITH Tiny Tim Embroidery Machine Design Here! 

Tiny Tim Sewing Pattern

Find my PDF Tiny Tim Sewing Pattern Here!

Machine Embrodery Doll Face Pattern by Dolls And Daydreams 2

And find my Tiny Tilda & Tim Double Embroidery Machine Face Pack Hereto speed up sewing up your dolls! Fit's a 4x4...
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Aug 20, 2015

Poppy Poppet Machine Embroidery Face is HERE!

Poppy Machine Embrodery Doll Face Pattern
Peek-A-Boo! My Poppy Poppet Machine Embroidery Face is HERE!

Comes in 3 sizes - Only need a 4x4 hoop - Fits:

* Large and Small Doll Sewing Patterns
* My Poppy Poppet Art Doll Pattern
* Large fits 8x12 & 7x12 - Small fits 6x10 & 5x7 ITH Doll Patterns 

SO Cute!!!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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Jun 25, 2015

Poppy Poppet Doll Sewing Pattern is here!

Poppy Poppet Pocket Dolly

Meet Poppy Poppet Doll Sewing Pattern! I've had many requests for my adorable button joint art dolls. They are my Sweet Wendy Poppet's cousin and can fit all of her Poppet Clothes! Hooray!

Poppy Poppet Pocket Dolly

She's the perfect Art Doll base, Small (12 inches), Jointed and Easy to make. *Make her walk, sit or wave! You'll love how expressive she is!* What set's her apart is her clever leg construction means perfect...
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May 20, 2015

Quick & Easy Felt Dolly King, Queen/Princess Crowns are here!

Doll Crowns!

♫ Hooray! ♔ Dolly King, Queen/Princess Crowns are here!

* So fast
* So Easy your kiddies can make them!
* Plus they fit your kids too!!! Eeeeek so cute!

☛ Let's Play Dress Up! ☚

Find the ♔ Queen/Princess Here!

Find the reversible ♔ King & ♔ Mini Queen Here!  

Come join in our Dolly Making Party in my Secret Facebook Doll Making Group!
 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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May 15, 2015

Merbaby Sewing Pattern is Here!

Merbaby Mermaids

Meet my Merbabies Sewing Pattern, cute Baby Mermaid Dolls that are 13" (33 cm) tall from cotton and felt fabrics. Splish Splash! 
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Mar 25, 2015

New LuLu Ballerina Art Doll Sewing Pattern

LuLu Ballerina Sewing Pattern

Meet the lovely LuLu, she's a beautiful Ballerina and loves to dance and play! This is an Easy, 13.3 inch (34cm), Free Standing, Button Joint, Art Doll Sewing Pattern made from cotton and felt.

Ballerina Bubble!

What a cutie and much easier to make than you think! You'll whip up a whole ballet troupe in no time ..... and she'll be your best friend for life!

Ballerina jointed art doll

Find my New LuLu Ballerina Sewing Pattern in my DollsAnd...
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Dec 08, 2014

Topsy Turvy Doll Sewing Pattern is here!

Sleeping Beauty Topsy Turvy Doll Pattern

I simply loved making this fun & easy Topsy Turvy Doll Sewing Pattern just like the one I had as a child! Meet Sleeping Beauty a 21" (53 cm) tall doll made from cotton and felt fabrics.

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Dec 01, 2014

NEW ITH Elf Embroidery Pattern is here!

Christmas Elves!
Meet my Adorable ITH Elf Embroidery Machine Pattern! I simply love them! Make both a boy and girl cheeky Christmas elves with this pattern! How fun!
It comes in 5 hoop sizes and it's 99% ITH WOW! Even a 4x4 size to hide in a stocking! Plus they are oh so Quick and Easy! They come with removable hats and shoes too for dress up play .. why not add your little ones name to their hat as I have done!
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Nov 19, 2014

New Kawaii Boy Doll Face Pattern is here!

Kawaii Machine Embroidery Boy Doll Face Pattern

New Kawaii Boy doll Machine Embroidery Face Pattern and the Hand Embroidery & Painting Template are now available! Hooray!

Kawaii Elf

Perfect for your Christmas Elves or any other boy doll you want to whip up!

Kids love these big eyes! Pick up a Pattern today!

Machine Embroidery Kawaii Boy Face Pattern


Hand Embroidery & Painting Kawaii Boy Template

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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Oct 30, 2014

How to make Felt Curls for your Doll! New easy Pattern!


Have you always wanted to know how to make Felt Curls for your dolly? Well look no further, my Goldilocks Doll Sewing Pattern has a full head of ringlets that are sure to delight any little girl! She's a fun and easy pattern with lots of extras thrown in :)

Goldilocks & her cute curly felt hair

She comes with removable Shoes, Baby Bear Ribbon Tag Blankie, 
Porridge bowl and spoon patterns.......

Goldilocks pdf sewing pattern

....... And Two Face & Hair Options!
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Oct 03, 2014

Hula Beach Girl Summer Sewing Pattern

Hula Girl Sewing Pattern Beach Bikini Girl

Meet my Hula Beach babes! Such a fun Summer Sewing pattern and perfect for my lovely sewing ladies down under .. and those of us that want Summer to last all year!

Beach Babes!

There's Hawaiian Hula fun to be had on the beach .. or maybe your dolly likes to relax in the sun ... or splash in the pool in a retro bathing suite or an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini ....?!

Hula Girl Sewing Pattern

The pattern comes with 2...
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Oct 03, 2014

Surfer Boy Sewing Pattern - Deep Sea Diver too!

Surfer Boy Sewing Pattern

My Surfer Sewing Pattern is here! He's a cool Dude who loves to catch rad waves on his surfboards ..

Diver Sewing Pattern

 ...... or dive down to explore shipwrecks and coral reefs! 
Perfect for Summer fun with your Sea Explorer!

Surfer Sewing Pattern

He's fast and fun to make & comes with removable swim shorts, a long and a short surfboard, a removable diving mask, snorkel and flippers!

Summer Sewing Dolls

Find this Rad Surfer Dude Sewing pattern

In the...
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Sep 06, 2014

Finished Doll Pattern Sizes

Doll Sizes Large Meduim and Small Sewing Patterns

How big are Dolls And Daydreams Dolls?! Wow with over 50 dolls & counting in the collection I have quite a wonderful range for you and your little ones to love!

They range from Large Hug-able, to the Middle Lovable .. to Petit Pocket Sized Dollies!

Large Dolls – 18 - 21 inches (45.7 - 53 cm)
Medium Dolls – 16 inches (40.5 cm)
Small Dolls - 7.5 - 12 inches (19 – 30.5 cm)

In this Photo – Miss Tippy...
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Sep 03, 2014

Geek School Boy Sewing Pattern is here! Hooray!

Geek Nerd Doll Sewing Pattern

Meet Master Tippy Toes Sewing Pattern! He's a child friendly Button Joint Geek School Boy! Perfect for your Back to School kids!

I love Geek Boys!

He loves to get up to mischief ... something tells me this clever chap will work for Nasa one day!

School Boy Nerd Doll Sewing Pattern

I'm proud to say that this Nerd Doll "Stu Diez' was designed exclusively for Homespun Magazine, Australia's No.1 leading craft magazine!

Brother & Sisters! <3

Find my Geek School Boy in

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Jul 08, 2014

Simplicity Pattern 1341 Dolls And Daydreams Stuffed Ballerina Doll!

My Nanna’s favorite sewing patterns where Simplicity, so when the head of the craft department contacted me in June of last year and told me that Simplicity, yes ‘The’ Simplicity, wanted to work exclusively with me to provide the public with my patterns in print, I was over the moon! And now, a year later I’m very proud to introduce you to Simplicity Pattern 1341, Dolls And Daydreams Stuffed...
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Apr 07, 2014

Cuties for a Cure a Chemotherapy Doll Sewing Pattern

Cuties for a Cure Sewing Pattern
Meet my Cuties for a Cure, an Easy Chemotherapy Doll Sewing Pattern. I’ve designed Cuties for a Cure dolls to bring comfort, strength and support to children and adults battling with hair loss due to cancer treatments.
Cuties for a Cure Sewing Pattern Breast Cancer Doll
My Cuties for a Cure Sewing Pattern allows you to make both cool boys and cute girls and comes with lots of fun accessories for you and your children to play with. You’ll be able to...
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Dec 11, 2013

Embroidery Machine Superhero ITH Boy Doll Pattern is here!

Embroidery Machine  In The Hoop  ITH Superhero Boy Doll Pattern
My ITH Embroidery Machine digitized embroidery Boy Doll Pattern and PDF Instructions to make a Baby Safe Superhero doll in the hoop is here at last!!! The perfect boyfriend for your ITH Ballerinas!
In The Hoop Superhero Boy Doll
The pattern includes his removable Superhero Mask, Cape, Belt and everyday schoolboy Glasses too with step by step photos so you can’t go wrong!
In The Hoop Doll Superhero Pattern ITH
He comes in 3 hoop sizes( 5x7 6x10 and 7x12 )and makes...
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Oct 18, 2013

Free Charity Easy Girl & Boy Rag Doll Sewing Pattern


I love knowing a dolly is in the hands of a child in need, a little one who needs an extra hug, a best friend, someone to tell their secrets too.  My Doll Making Journey all began with my charity blog called: Dolly Donations!  The Earthquake in Haiti had just hit (2010) and I had just had my daughter.  I wanted to help in some small way so I created a free doll pattern and popped it online.

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Oct 13, 2013

New Embroidery Doll Faces are Here! Hand and Machine Patterns

All of my Digitized Doll faces copy
Hooray my NEW Embroidery faces are here!!! I wrote about the other day as I was super excited to show you all how easy it will be to change the look and character of your dolly even when using the same pattern!  

Embrodery Doll Face Designs by Dolls And Daydreams copy

Choose a Retro ...  Kawaii .... or Art dolly face for your next dolly!!! 

Kawaii Cute Embrodery Doll Face Designs by Dolls And Daydreams copy
I have Hand Embroidery patterns including:
* Stitch guide – including diagrams and instructions
* My Favorite...
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Jul 08, 2013

My Petit Poppet Wendy Doll Sewing Pattern is Here!

Peek-a-boo! Meet Wendy Poppet, she's the first of my NEW "My Petit Poppet" Sewing Pattern Line! Hooray!    … she’s a mere 12 inches tall, made from cotton, yarn, and filled with love!
Meet My Petit Poppet Wendy
My Petit Poppet Line is designed to be Very *Quick & Easy* to make and yet provide you with a high quality and superior finished doll. And yes … You’ll be surprised at just how EASY she is!

Make her walk, sit or...
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Aug 15, 2012

Pirate Doll for my Son using Crayola Fabric Markers

pirate boy first mate

I had a ton of fun with my daughter making this super cute Pirate for my son using Crayola Fabric Markers. As you know I made an art dolly for my daughter using them not too long ago and I couldn't help but make a First Mate for my little man!

These fabric markers are the best for relaxing in front of the TV after the kiddies have gone down ... or having them help you color in simple shapes and...
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Jun 06, 2012

Crayola Fabric Markers - Make your own Art Doll!

Princess Crown Doll Hand Painted Fabric Markers Crayola 
I brought a pack of Crayola Fabric Markers for  my daughter to play with, but after I started doodling a face on a prototype dolly one day & knew I had to have my own set too!!  
  Pocket Princess Doll Hand Painted Fabric Markers Crayola 2 
Here's my Pocket Princess Art DollI made for my daughters 3rd birthday ♥ She was so much fun and there wasn't any bleeding of color which was nice! I lost all track of time as I made her one evening .... Here's how...
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