Peek-a-boo! Meet Wendy Poppet, she's the first of my NEW "My Petit Poppet" Sewing Pattern Line! Hooray!    … she’s a mere 12 inches tall, made from cotton, yarn, and filled with love!
Meet My Petit Poppet Wendy
My Petit Poppet Line is designed to be Very *Quick & Easy* to make and yet provide you with a high quality and superior finished doll. And yes … You’ll be surprised at just how EASY she is!

Make her walk, sit or curl up in your lap! You’ll love how expressive she is!
hehehehe time to get dressed!
She loves playing dress up too ... and wait till you see her wardrobe (more clothes patterns Coming Soon!).
My Petit Poppet - Baby safe, easy jointed and kawaii cute!
With over a year of research and design focusing on easy doll sewing methods and construction, I’m excited to share my first Petit Poppet with you! She’s small, jointed and Baby Safe! Plus she makes the perfect Art Doll base.
My Petit Poppet Wendy Dolly
♥ She loves to nestle on your lap for kisses and cuddles! ♥
My Petit Poppet Sewing Pattern
xxx  Kisses to everyone!!!  xxx
You can find My Petit Poppet Wendy Doll in:
 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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