Jul 13, 2017

In The Hoop Monster Machine Embroidery Pattern

Monster Stuffies ITH Pattern

Meet my In The Hoop Machine Embroidery Monster Pattern and PDF Instructions to make a Baby Safe Monster Stuffie!! Add a name to their tummies or date of birth! Fun fun fun!

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Oct 16, 2015

Little Red and Wolf Patterns are Here!

Meet Little Red, she comes in a Sewing PDF Pattern and and ITH Embroidery machine pattern! Hooray! She loves to play in the woods and will take your little ones on lots of adventures! With her removable Skirt, Apron and Mushroom handbag she will be the talk of Forest Fashion set! So fun, fast and easy to make you might keep one for yourself!

ITH Embroidery Machine Lil Red patterngoes up to a...
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Aug 20, 2015

Tiny Tim Doll Pattern Release is here!

Tiny Tim ITH Embroidery Pattern

 Tiny Tim Pattern Release is here! PLUS Bonus Embroidery Machine 4x4 hoop Face Pack! This cheeky little chap can't wait to play rough and tumble games with his sister, Tiny Tilda!

Find my ITH Tiny Tim Embroidery Machine Design Here! 

Tiny Tim Sewing Pattern

Find my PDF Tiny Tim Sewing Pattern Here!

Machine Embrodery Doll Face Pattern by Dolls And Daydreams 2

And find my Tiny Tilda & Tim Double Embroidery Machine Face Pack Hereto speed up sewing up your dolls! Fit's a 4x4...
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Mar 25, 2015

New LuLu Ballerina Art Doll Sewing Pattern

LuLu Ballerina Sewing Pattern

Meet the lovely LuLu, she's a beautiful Ballerina and loves to dance and play! This is an Easy, 13.3 inch (34cm), Free Standing, Button Joint, Art Doll Sewing Pattern made from cotton and felt.

Ballerina Bubble!

What a cutie and much easier to make than you think! You'll whip up a whole ballet troupe in no time ..... and she'll be your best friend for life!

Ballerina jointed art doll

Find my New LuLu Ballerina Sewing Pattern in my DollsAnd...
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Feb 11, 2015

In The Hoop Embroidery Machine Kitty Cat Pattern is here!

Cat In The Hoop Embroidery Pattern

Introducing my In The Hoop Embroidery Machine Cute Cat Pattern to make a Baby Safe Kitty Stuffie. Mama Cat loves all of her Kittens .. careful they multiply fast!

Cat In The Hoop Embroidery machine pattern

You'll be The Cat's Meow after you make one of these cuties!

Kitty Cat Cuddles

Find them Here!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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Jan 16, 2015

4 New Doll Clothes Patterns!

Doll Bloomers - panties -  knickers!

No more naked dollies here!!! Oh we just couldn't have that ... it's chilly and these girls need some frilly underwear like yesterday!! Hahaha So I created this double Dolly Underwear Sewing Pattern pack for them!

Doll Underwear sewing pattern

A cute set of vintage inspired Bloomers for the beach, and a pretty pair of Panties, perfect for
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Jan 09, 2015

NEW ITH Unicorn Horse Machine Embroidery Pattern out today!

ITH Unicorn Horse Pony Stuffies

Meet my adorable ITH Unicorn Horse Machine Embroidery Pattern! These are just so cute to make! 99% ITH with only 2 hoopings - Hooray!

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Nov 13, 2014

Yeti & Monster Sewing Pattern is Here!!!

Yeti Monster Pattern

Let's make Marvelous Monster and a Fluffy Yeti! I had such fun with my NEW Yeti Monster Sewing Pattern! Yup,* It's a Double Pattern Package! * whooo hoo!! You can make both of these cuties with just this one pattern!

Monster Softie Sewing Pattern

With so many different face options you can make as many Monsters to cause mayhem with your little ones as you like!

Yeti Sewing Pattern

Or whip up a couple of wonderful winter Yetis to snuggleup to...
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Oct 09, 2014

ITH Snowman Embroidery Machine Pattern is here!

Snowman ITH Embroidery Machine Pattern

Meet My In The Hoop Embroidery Machine Snowman Pattern! These are 'Snow' much fun to make! Hahahaha Fast too, and ever so soft and cuddly!

I love giving warm hugs!

Baby it's cold outside! Well My ITH Snowman Loves Warm Hugs

Snowman ITH Pattern

It comes in 5 hoop sizes and makes the perfect Frozen Friend winter wonderland toy!

Snowgirl love!

Find my ITH Snowman Pattern

In the DollsAndDaydreams.com Shop

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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Sep 03, 2014

Geek School Boy Sewing Pattern is here! Hooray!

Geek Nerd Doll Sewing Pattern

Meet Master Tippy Toes Sewing Pattern! He's a child friendly Button Joint Geek School Boy! Perfect for your Back to School kids!

I love Geek Boys!

He loves to get up to mischief ... something tells me this clever chap will work for Nasa one day!

School Boy Nerd Doll Sewing Pattern

I'm proud to say that this Nerd Doll "Stu Diez' was designed exclusively for Homespun Magazine, Australia's No.1 leading craft magazine!

Brother & Sisters! <3

Find my Geek School Boy in

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Aug 25, 2014

ITH Fox Embroidery Machine Pattern is here! Surprise!

Fox ITH Embroidery Machine Pattern

Surprise!! Meet my In The Hoop Machine Embroidery Fox Pattern! Fun, fast and oh so fantastic these snugly cuddly woodland friends are perfect for all ages!

Fox ITH pattern stuffie

With 5 hoop sizes ... you can make the whole family!

Fox ITH  Machine Embroidery pattern

They are adorable no matter what size!

what does the fox say

And ever so hug-able!

Find my ITH Fox Embroidery Machine Pattern in

The Dolls And Daydreams Shop
& Etsy

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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Apr 07, 2014

Cuties for a Cure a Chemotherapy Doll Sewing Pattern

Cuties for a Cure Sewing Pattern
Meet my Cuties for a Cure, an Easy Chemotherapy Doll Sewing Pattern. I’ve designed Cuties for a Cure dolls to bring comfort, strength and support to children and adults battling with hair loss due to cancer treatments.
Cuties for a Cure Sewing Pattern Breast Cancer Doll
My Cuties for a Cure Sewing Pattern allows you to make both cool boys and cute girls and comes with lots of fun accessories for you and your children to play with. You’ll be able to...
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Jan 27, 2014

Embroidery Machine Easter Bunny Rabbit In The Hoop Pattern

Bunny Rabbit Embroidery Machine ITH Sewing Pattern
Meet my Quick and Easy ITH Embroidery Machine Easter Bunny Rabbit Family!!!!! Eeeeek! They are so sweet! Only 2 Hoopings, 99% ITH 
... and they come in 5 different sizes for children of all ages to love!
ITH Bunny Rabbit
Soft and snugly!I love how their ears can be floppy too! And their tummies are the perfect spot for you to customize them .. add your child’s initial, name or date of birth onto their tummy...
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Jan 09, 2014

NEW Hedgehog Embroidery Machine ITH Sewing Pattern

Hedgehog Family!
Eeeeeeeeeeek!!!!! Meet my First ITH Embroidery Machine Softie Pattern! Yup it's my adorable Hedgehog in the hoop Family! And they are super quick and easy to make! It comes in 5 different sizes for children of all ages to love! That's 5 Hoop sizes! How much fun, even my 4x4 hoop ladies can make one!!!!
Hedgehog Embroidery Machine ITH Pattern
They are also Baby Safe, perfect for boys and girls.... and very easy to customize! Why not...
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Dec 11, 2013

Embroidery Machine Superhero ITH Boy Doll Pattern is here!

Embroidery Machine  In The Hoop  ITH Superhero Boy Doll Pattern
My ITH Embroidery Machine digitized embroidery Boy Doll Pattern and PDF Instructions to make a Baby Safe Superhero doll in the hoop is here at last!!! The perfect boyfriend for your ITH Ballerinas!
In The Hoop Superhero Boy Doll
The pattern includes his removable Superhero Mask, Cape, Belt and everyday schoolboy Glasses too with step by step photos so you can’t go wrong!
In The Hoop Doll Superhero Pattern ITH
He comes in 3 hoop sizes( 5x7 6x10 and 7x12 )and makes...
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Jul 08, 2013

My Petit Poppet Wendy Doll Sewing Pattern is Here!

Peek-a-boo! Meet Wendy Poppet, she's the first of my NEW "My Petit Poppet" Sewing Pattern Line! Hooray!    … she’s a mere 12 inches tall, made from cotton, yarn, and filled with love!
Meet My Petit Poppet Wendy
My Petit Poppet Line is designed to be Very *Quick & Easy* to make and yet provide you with a high quality and superior finished doll. And yes … You’ll be surprised at just how EASY she is!

Make her walk, sit or...
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