pirate boy first mate

I had a ton of fun with my daughter making this super cute Pirate for my son using Crayola Fabric Markers. As you know I made an art dolly for my daughter using them not too long ago and I couldn't help but make a First Mate for my little man!

These fabric markers are the best for relaxing in front of the TV after the kiddies have gone down ...  or having them help you color in simple shapes and lines to fill up the space on a new friend they get to design!

Now I know what to do with all my blank prototype dolly shapes I make!!!!  They are so fast to draw! This little chap took us all of 20 mins! .....( plus 20mins in the dryer to set him)  ..... all ready for fun adventures the next morning!!!

Tip 1 : let each layer of ink dry before you add a new one/color otherwise it has a tendency to run ....

Tip 2 :   Break up your design - use lines and dots that way you cover a lot of fabric faster ;)

p.s. what a great way to work out dolly ideas too .... hmmmm should I make him into a pattern I wonder?!

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