Hula Girl Sewing Pattern Beach Bikini Girl

Meet my Hula Beach babes! Such a fun Summer Sewing pattern and perfect for my lovely sewing ladies down under .. and those of us that want Summer to last all year!

Beach Babes!

There's Hawaiian Hula fun to be had on the beach .. or maybe your dolly likes to relax in the sun ... or splash in the pool in a retro bathing suite or an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini ....?!

Hula Girl Sewing Pattern

The pattern comes with 2 hair options, 2 hair accessories (bow or flower) Hula Skirt and Leis....

Bikini Girl Sewing Pattern Beach Babes!

a bathing suite or a bikini, removable Sunglasses, Flip Flops (thongs) .... and a beach towel!!! 
Wow! So much Summer Fun!

Summer Sewing Dolls

Find my Adorable Hula Beach Girls Sewing Pattern

On my Dolls And Daydreams website here!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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