ITH Pirate Doll Pattern

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An Embroidery Machine ITH Doll Pattern to make both a boy and girl Pirate doll in the hoop. These fun buccaneers come in 4 hoop sizes and makes the perfect best friends for your swash buckling little one! You are going to have such fun watching a Captain Hook or a Pirate Princess come to life in front of you! The pattern includes everything you see, their fab face, removable hats and boots, and swords and a step by step photo tutorial so you can't go wrong! Fun, Fast and Versatile!  

*** YOU MUST HAVE AN EMBROIDERY MACHINE *** and a way to transfer the files from your computer to your embroidery machine. 

*** These are digitized embroidery designs! *** NOT for a SEWING machine!!!!!

  • Step by Step photo tutorial 
  • Fast - make a basic doll in about an hour! WOW!
  • High Quality Finished Dolls - No Visible Ugly Seams
  • Easily customizable – Add your child's name, initials or date of birth onto their removable hats (fonts not included)
  • Sell Your Finished Dolls – we support Cottage Industries!
  • Child Safe – Children of all ages will love them
  • 90% of the doll (body & limbs) constructed within 2 Hoops.
  • Sewing machine used for quick fabric prep and securely attaching legs inside body.

    * Digital Patterns for all 4 Hoop Sizes included 5x7 6x10 7x12 and 8x12

    8x12 hoop - Creates a 18.5 tall Doll
    7x12 hoop- Creates a 18" tall Doll 
    6x10 Hoop – Creates a 15" Tall Doll
    5x7 Hoop – Creates a 11" doll tall

    * Available in these formats: PES - VIP - XXX - HUS - JEF - EXP - DST

    Instant Download –How to get your Pattern


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