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My How To Sew Softies with Faux Fur PDF ebook is 30 pages long and stuffed full of easy to follow photos and step by step instructional plushie making tutorials. The perfect companion to any of my Dolls And Daydreams softie patterns!

  • Teddy Bear Pattern sold separately

Sewing with faux fur is fun! I love adding different textures to my softies to get a completely different look, why stick to one fabric choice when you can add in a few more!

Learn how to stop your fur from shifting as you sew, what the best method is to use for sewing different types of fur, as well as softie design tips and turning tricks!

Topics covered
  • Introduction
  • Material List
  • Picking your Faux Fur
  • Choosing your design
  • Cutting your pattern
  • Sewing your pattern
  • - The Ears, The Legs and Arms, Face and Body Appliqués, Softie Sandwich
  • Pinning and Turning your softie limbs
  • Turning the Softie Sandwich
  • Stuffing the Limbs
  • Preventive Maintenance

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