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An In The Hoop Machine Embroidery and Sewing Pattern Pattern Combo Pack!  Wow! So cute and nothing like it on the market!  7/8x12 hoops - Make everything ITH Have a small hoop? No worries you can save a ton of time using the ITH and Sewing Pattern Pieces together! Make a full sized Bag of Bunnies that is guaranteed to bring tons of smiles to your little ones face! Hunt for the little bunnies, hide them, juggle them, throw them at your friends or just play and carry them around with you all day!  With 6 cute little bunnies stuffed in your bag, fun is only moments away!

Comes with a Step by Step colored photo tutorial for both ITH and Sewing pattern parts!  Full sized sewing pattern pieces included.

8x12, 7x12 - Make everything ITH
6x10 - Make all bunnies, Front bag Window & details all ITH and finish up with a full size set using the sewing pattern.
5x7 - Make all bunnies, Front bag Appliques all ITH 
and finish up with a full size set using the sewing pattern.
4x4 - Make all bunnies, Front bag Head Applique & Script all ITH and finish up with a full size set using the sewing pattern.

ith and sewing pattern combo pack

Available in these formats: PES - VIP - XXX - HUS - JEF - EXP - DST

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