NEW Tiny Tikes Baby Doll & Carry Cot (bassinet) Tote Patterns are Here!
😍🍼NEW Tiny Tikes Baby Doll and Carry Cot (bassinet) Tote Patterns are Here!! ✂️😘  They come in both In The Hoop Machine Embroidery (and the baby doll Tikes fit in a 4x4 hoop!) and they come in sewing pattern versions too! 

Grab the 🍼NEW ✂️ ITH Tiny Tike Doll Pattern and the New ITH Carry Cot Tote Here!
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Baby Girl or Boy Tikes to travel around with their NEW Mommy tucked safely in their pretty little Cot Totes!🍼 

Grab the 🍼NEW ✂️ PDF Tiny Tike Doll Sewing Pattern and the New PDF Carry Cot Tote Sewing Pattern  Here!
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tiny-tote-Sewing pattern range
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