NEW Firefighter Machine Embroidery and Sewing Patterns are Here!

💗👉 NEW Firefighter Pattern is here 🥰 🔥 This pattern is very close to my heart my husband is 4th generation, with a family history of over 112 years and counting.  Hope you love it as much as my Firefighter Family does!


🔥👉Grab the ✂️ ITH Pattern Here! 🔥

Make a whole crew of brave firefighters!  This pattern includes a removable Helmet & Axe!  Easily customize your fireman's shield with your little ones name or the department Mommy or Daddy works for!

🔥👉Grab the✂️ Sewing Pattern Here! 🔥

🥰 Axe & Removable Hat with customizable shield ❤️ - boy & girl options included!

🥰 Hope you love them as much as we do in our Firefighter Family!
🥰 Hugs and Happy Sewing! Sarah xxx

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