Introducing the New Floaty Friends pattern range!

🥰 Let your imagination float away with my New Floaty Friends pattern range! 🎈 Please meet our Floaty Friends Unicorn. She’s particularly fond of ice cream with rainbow sprinkles and her favorite pastime is telling bedtime stories.  OUT Friday!

I designed Floaty Friends to bridge the gap between the art doll industry and the children’s plush toy industry. They are not only unique (copywrite Dolls And Daydreams 2022), but also have as few pattern pieces as possible so that my clients and whip these darlings up in no time. Floaty Friends are fast to make but you won’t loose any or their designs integrity or cuteness along the way!

🥰 Original 2022 design

🥰 Designed for toy collectors and children alike

🥰 3 easy Arms attachment options - button, treaded or whip stitched.

✂ ITH – only 2 hoopings, super-quick stitch.

✂ Sewing – less pattern pieces, super cute results!

🎈 How does the balloon work?
The art doll nature of the balloon makes it unsuitable for children under 5. It can be made to stand up using florist wire, 22 gauge craft wire or a regular pipe cleaner for a fluffy look. Full tutorial is included in the pattern.

I hope you love them as much I do. I will be releasing another sneak peek tomorrow! 😘🥰 Lots of happy sewing hugs to everyone!


p.s. thank you to everyone for your get well wishes and support, I am feeling much much better and am so looking forward to sharing my new work with you this year!

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