Handmade Christmas Dolls and Plush Toy Patterns!

It's easy to have a handmade Christmas with Dolls And Daydreams!  We have a wonderful selection of fun festive patterns for you, from Angelic Tree Toppers to Super Stocking Stuffers

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ITH Machine Embroidery Christmas Patterns

Christmas In the hoop machine embroidery doll and plush toy softie stuffie patterns DIY handmade xmas gifts and stocking stuffers   < click to shop!

👉Find the ✂️Full ITH X-mas Range here!


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PDF Christmas Sewing Patterns

PDF Christmas doll Sewing Pattern DIY handmade plush soft toys stocking stuffers and gifts < click to shop!

👉Find the ✂️Full PDF X-mas Sewing Pattern Range here!


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🎄 How will you decorate your Tree this year?

 Will you put an Angel on top?!   Find our Tree Topper Angel Patterns here!

Tree Topper angel for Christmas sewing and ith pattern

Hmmmm in golds or reds?! Oh so many colors and fabrics to choose from! 

or maybe a Star

shooting star sewing and ith pattern by dolls and daydreams

and lets not forget some Christmas Ornaments!   Any 4x4 Hoop sized softie is darling! Or just shrink down the sewing pattern by 55 - 65 %!  Super cute! 

Christmas tree ornaments hanging decorations sewing and machine embroidery patterns by dolls and daydreams


🎅 How will you decorate your Home?

 Mr and Mrs Claus and elf on the shelf patterns by dolls and daydreams

 What about a Jolly Father Christmas, Santa Claus and his wife (Mrs Claus really likes to bake cookies!) 

elf shelf sewing pattern and machine embroidery pattern

And let's not forget all of elves!!!   We have so many to choose from in both sewing and ITH and ... even a cute Stocking Tote! 

reindeer plush soft toy sewing and machine embroidery patterns

and what about all of his Reindeer

nutcracker cloth doll sewing and machine embroidery pattern

Ooowwwww .... and let's not forget a Nutcracker by the fireplace!

sugar plum fairy ballet cloth doll sewing and ith pattern

And Sugar Plum Fairies

gingerbread man cookie soft cloth toy sewing machine embroidery  plush pattern

I smell cookies!!!! Yummy Gingerbread! 

Turkey soft toy plush sewing ith pattern

Can't forget the Turkey

snowman soft plush toy sewing and machine embroidery pattern

And then let's build a Snowman after dinner! 

Have a very happy holiday season everyone!!!
Filled with lots of love and laughter! 



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