Not all boys like fairies, why not Start a New Tradition and Sew a Tooth Goblin Today! ★ Each pattern comes with a cute printable short story to share with your little ones ★

"Meet ‘Gob’ the tooth goblin, he has a big smile and a big heart, such a cheeky chap that always swaps a treat for a tooth placed in his Secret Magical Tooth Pocket! Snugly and soft Gob loves a cuddle or two so don’t forget to hug him tight the night your next tooth falls out! "

New Patterns

ITH embroidery-machine-tooth-goblin-pattern Pattern

ITH Secret Pocket Tooth Goblin Pattern

Only 2 hoopings to make them - all parts attached In The Hoop ... plus these come in 4x4 hoops too!!  
Grab your ITH Tooth Goblin Pattern Today!
tooth-goblin Sewing Pattern

Secret Pocket Tooth Goblin Sewing Pattern

Beginners will love their simple construction!
Grab your Tooth Goblin Sewing Pattern Today!
 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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