Aussie Wildlife Fundraiser Update and a NEW Pattern!

✂️ 💙 Thank you to everyone who has purchased a pattern and donated towards 💙 Our Hearts Are With Australia - Bush Fire Fundraiser💙 With 100% of profits going to the Wildlife Rescues of Australia, I'm excited to tell you we have raised over $870 so far!! 


I designed the CockatooCockatiel Pattern last year as I thought they were so darling, I never realized how these beautiful birds who live in Australia would be needing our help, and so I'm releasing them now to help raise money for our Aussie Wildlife Fundraiser.

So please meet our NEW ITH Pattern Here!

And Find the NEW Sewing Pattern Here!

Thank you to the Aussie ladies who emailed and tagged me regarding the plight of the birds in Australia and I apologies for the sad images. 

More than 1 billion Animals, Birds and Reptiles have been wiped out in the Australian Bush Fires .. some of them found nowhere else on Earth.


One might think birds are fast-and can just fly away to easily escape fires. But high temperatures, smoke and strong winds can badly disorient and dehydrate them and ultimately kill them. Even those not in the fires but near to areas where temperatures are high, have fallen dead from trees. 

The Black Cockatoos are dangerously close to extension since the fire spread to Kangaroo Island their natural habitat.

Unfortunately mass bird deaths have been severe in Australia due to the Bush Fires, and those that survive are left vulnerable.

 I hope you love my new cute little CockatooCockatiel Pattern and that they will help raise some more funds for our Wildlife Fundraiser!

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