Morning Ladies!  Why have I been so quite this week  – well last weekend half my house was flooded.  We lost my daughters room and the kid’s bathroom.  ★ Chaos was our middle name! ★ Luckily my studio was not affected and I could release Teddy!  Hooray! 
☂ Then yesterday our kitchen flooded – and the rest of the house has been damaged .. it’s a bit of a shock and a disaster ladies.  The house looks like a bomb has hit it with holes in every wall trying to locate the leek …  sounded like a water fall!  So we are being moved out of our home today whist the experts get to work!  
★ Good News ★ I will have internet at the hotel but I apologies in advance if I am delayed in answering E-mails.  
★ Bad News ★ Next week’s pattern release is up in the air at the moe – So sorry ladies! 
Will still be checking in here to see all of your amazing dollies – they warm my heart! Thank you! 
Hugs and happy Sewing from a rather soggy disheveled Sarah xxxx
 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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