New Double Pattern Pack! Bilby & Mole are here! Hooray!

Posted on February 12, 2016

Meet my Bilby & Mole Double Pattern Pack! ★ Help Stop Species Extinction! ★ I've teamed up with the Save the Bilby Fund​ to raise awareness for these adorable endangered Aussie Animals.  With only approx. 500 Bilbies left in the world , these endangered animals need our hep!  

Grab your Bilby/Mole  ITH Embroidery Machine Pattern Here!

  Could you love a Bilby for Easter?! I can!  

Grab your Bilby/Mole  PDF Sewing Machine Pattern Here!

Teach your kids about the plight of the Bilby and the dangers of species extinction this Easter!  Learn more about how to help save the beautiful Bilby's over at  Save The Bilby Fund

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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