Some days you just need a hug. Yesterday was a tough day. I found out that 6 members of my Facebook Doll Making Group have been sharing my original copyrighted designs sewing and embroidery patterns with others in a horrid free for all pattern sharing group. This was no accident, I have screen shots where they gleefully welcome each other to the group, I quote “Hi all, you know why we are here so share and enjoy.” - These woman actually set out to knowingly partake in this immoral behavior. I felt sick and utterly betrayed reading the thread.

I value my amazing customers and support them in every step of their doll making journey, from creating original designs, supporting cottage industry, providing free tutorials, providing daily support for questions and let’s not forget our wonderful online community in the Dolls And Daydreams Facebook Group …. so to find out that these women (who know who they are) have stolen from me, from my children, which let’s be frank, is exactly what they have done. Hurts me to the core.

I believe in integrity. I treat others how I wish to be treated. All of my designs are original, no clip art, no Disney knock offs. I spend days, weeks, and months designing, testing prototypes, and supplying my loyal customers with weekly pattern releases. This is no easy feat, I work tirelessly every day to provide all of my clients with the highest standard of design and pattern quality.

File Sharing is illegal behavior and is deemed as theft in the court of law … but it is so much more to me. It really takes the wind out of my creative sails and makes me wonder why .. when I hear my kids playing outside that I’m still working in my studio on the next pattern release … I am heartbroken.

Do these dishonest individuals not realize I will fight to protect my original creations? Do they not know that there will be consequences to their actions? After many discussions with my team we have decided to go public with this.

This behavior will not be tolerated by Dolls And Daydreams; these individuals have been banned from my group and from purchasing from my website and have been notified by my lawyer.

It is in my nature to give, to help and to foster creativity …… this kind of behavior really breaks my heart.

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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