Blue Bird Sewing Pattern!

Meet my New Bird Patterns!!! These are super cute and easy and comes as a Sewing Machine Pattern ... like this 20 minute Blue Bird.....

ITH Bird, Duck or Chick!

And the ITH Embroidery Machine Patterne ... like this Easter Chick and her Feathered friend!

Love Birds ITH Embroidery Machine Valentine Pattern

These patterns are so Versitil! Make fluffy Chicks for Easter, a pair of 'Love Birds' for Valentines Day.... beautiful Blue Birds, Cockatoos, parrots, the Sky's the limit hahahaah no pun intended!

Birdie & Easter Chick Sewing Pattern

Find them here:

ITH Embroidery Machine Chick Love Bird Pattern

What will you make? Love bird, Chick, Duck, Blue Bird?!

PDF Love Bird Chick Sewing Pattern 

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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