The joys of working with Freezer Paper never cease to amaze me! A while ago I used freezer paper in my fabric tutorial printing method, since then I have discovered that you can not only use it on cotton fabric but also on felt. Yes felt!
You can always pick up a small pack like this, Reynolds Freezer Paper or buy it in pre cut sheets to print on, Quilter's Freezer Paper Sheets 8-1/2x11 Inch (A4) or if you’re like me, save and by it in bulk 150 Square Feet!!!

You can cut an (A4) or 8 x 11 inches pieces and use it in your inkjet printer. Print off all your fabric and felt pieces onto it and the follow the method bellow of ironing and cutting out. Just remember to put the sheets of freezer paper in so that your printer will print on the paper side, NOT the Wax shiny side.

Personally it’s the fiddly felt pieces that are a bore to cut out. So I trace or print them directly onto my freezer paper.

Iron them onto my piece of felt (iron set to cotton – mid heat, no steam) and it stays nice and sturdy for you to cut around.
And no residue or discoloring will occur.
Here’s the best bit! You can reuse it a number of times!

So grab it again and iron it down and bingo, 2 perfectly cut pattern pieces without the hassle of tracing it out onto your fabric!

I love this method for the really tiny pieces too, such as eyes, cheeks, and cute little shoe details.
And remember, you don’t have to reverse your freezer paper felt cut outs as the felt itself is reversible, just turn it over and you have the shoe (or what ever else you are making) for the other foot!  
Don't have Freezer Paper - try some lightweight iron on interfacing

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