I wanted to share with you some very simple tricks to customize your handmade dolls and softies. By altering just a few details to one pattern you can make lots of variations of that doll or softie.

All of my patterns come with very easy embroidery, painting and felt applique face templates for you to follow but you can easily customize your doll and softies faces.

As you can see from the frog above, you don’t have to add a little mouth to all of your froggies. By adding a large smiling mouth between the cheeks you get a completely different looking frog to add to your collection!

You can change your dolls mouths to have full lips, thin smiling curved lips, or even open smiles.  You can paint them on or sew them on, each will give a different feel.

Adding cheeks can make a softie instantly look more feminine, especially if they are pink.

Adding different colored cheeks (and sizes) to your softies can work very well for boy stuffed toys too, like the little bull frog with his big puffy cheeks….

You’re eyes don’t have to stay put either. By shifting them you can add expression and personality to your dolls and softies!  Hmmm what's that owl thinking ......

Why not make your eyes bigger .....  or change the shape .....(sleepy eyes are cute!)

You can always paint your eyes on (see my free face painting tutorials) and get a completely different look.

By using the same pattern but different color and styles of hair your dolls will look completely different!

Ear placements doesn’t have to be symmetrical. In fact I really like them a bit off, I think it adds character to your softies.

By changing the orientation of your legs – toes turned in, toes to the same side, toes turned out – you change the look of your dolls and softies.

Hands and Feet.
Adding little details to the same pattern, like paw prints, or paw/socks to some of your softies and not to others makes them stand out and gives you more variety.

Skin Tone.
Altering skin tone of softies, as well as dolls always make them look different, especially when you pick a color that’s outside the box :) I love my little pink deer ♥

Remember: Color and Fabric choice can make your dolls and softies look more retro, vintage or modern, depending on what you pick.

Fabric choice in general will change the look of your doll. Whether you choose to do an all in one outfit…

Or have different removable clothes ….

Your dolls will get a different look each time!

And let’s not forget embellishments!

Ribbons in their hair, flowers behind their ears, felt appliqués hearts and pockets, pretty buttons, lace, you name it, have fun and add add add! But please remember anything removable is not suitable for children under 3 as it poses a chocking hazard.

Have fun with your patterns and experiment with your dolls and softies!
You’ll be surprised at the fabulous array of characters you’ll be able to make in no time at all!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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