Sewing room makeover all finished!

Posted on November 18, 2011

Well my little blog hiatus is over I'll be back online for regular sewing gossip goodness now that my sewing room is all finished!  Wow.... do i have a lot to tell you ... and show you!  Thank goodness I have such a craft hubby with crazy building skills (and a little help from Ikea) as I was lucky enough to get a fully functioning pattern making room .... in the heart of the house .....

As you can see space is still an issue.  And that's why I will be selling some of my lovely softies and dollies from my personal collection this month .... but I'll get back to that later ......

Everything has it's place now.  Ikea really is the best for these open plan houses here in the US.  Back home in my 400 year old cottage in the English countryside it would look a tad out of place, but here, it divides up rooms and creates wonderful storage for me.

The baby gate is a must of course! Not that I'll be sewing much when my munchkins are up and about ... but it means I can leave pins out and half finished dollies with out little hands touching them.

Did I say my fabric was in the garage ... well this is all I have managed to sort through to date ... I am sure I'll be getting to the other boxes soon ... but I really needed to get my room up and running so I could get back to work ...    :(      I missed my dolly making far too much!

No more art room either, let's face it I don't have time for painting, if i'm not writing up a tutorial i'm working on one of the 3 patterns I have on the go at any given time ... with prototypes scattered here .....and there ....

As for art work in my sewing room  ... ahhh I like simple vintage pieces, just added a few inspiring words and printed them out!  Thanks to The Graphics Fairy for her fab free downloads (you can find them here).

And my cork board which is so handy for ideas and keeping track of my doodled dollies was made yet again by my clever chap .... out of floor tiles!  It's brilliant and I love my shelf too ... although it's almost full already!

There's my wonderful Viking Sewing machine on the fold out table to the left ..... Oh and I LOVE the Ikea fabric storage boxes!  stops little people crawling through the shelves and of course is stuffed full of trim and buttons, and scrap fabric and .... well you get the picture!  Can you see how I labeled them :) ?! I came up with a non permanent way as i was sure I would be shifting things around down the road ....

Wooden clothes pegs! Fabulous, quick & easy to write on ... cheap & cheerful and of course ... removable :)  Plus, some draws ended up with 2 or 3 on them as I could fit different things in there.

I love my new room!  And I love how convenient it's location is.  I no longer feel banished to the other side of the house and when the kiddies are napping it's so easy just to pop in and do a quick bit of sewing .....

Hope you enjoyed my Sewing Room Tour :)  Pop back soon as I've got a little piggy wiggy in the works to show you all!  ... Oh and I will tell you about my Dolly Sale too :)  ... hugs!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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