Meet the sweet little girls of Ashraya Daughters orphanage in Tamil Nadu, South India with their very own handmade dollies made using my Easy Girl Doll Sewing Pattern by the wonderful ladies of the Berean class of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Fort Worth.  Aren't they all so adorable!!! ♥

"What fun we had making and sending them; how fine it is to see them in the arms of those we intended them for. Through my church I learned of an orphanage in southern India that takes in rejected girl babies and raises them.  ..... These precious little girls stole my heart and last year I (was) determined to give them dolls I had (hand) made use(ing) your pattern. ........ I was told when they opened the box they were delighted with this gift." Phyllis (USA)

Thank you so much Phyllis for sending me the photo and your wonderful e-mail.  It really lifts my heart & made my day!  This is even more special to me as I taught Art in a Mission School in India to children before I went off to University.  It was an amazing time but also a sad time, to see so many with so little, and the struggles they had to face at such a very young age.   Thank you again for making their childhood that bit more cuddly xxx

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 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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