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I've had many questions (and discussion with felt gurus) about how to create a cork screw curl for felt doll hair!  I did have a lot of fun creating curls with fleece on my FeeFee Dolly but alas nothing as of yet with felt. With all of my testing of different methods over the past 2 years I have not found one that is reproducible and thus have not included this hair style in my felt/cotton doll range.

The problem I'm finding is .. different felts (wool, and the many different poly blends out there) have different results .... in general what might work for one kind of felt doesn't at all for another. I also found that in general the curls look amazing on a doll when she was on the shelf .... but did not stay in after a few days of playing with the dolls. And that's no fun :(

My only suggestion to everyone who keeps asking me for advice is .......  ask a lovely lady who uses this method and see if she is willing to give up her trade secret along with her felt supplier!  And that's a lot to ask!!!  Please remember she has been testing her felt for hours, days, months, until she found one that worked for her  ... so please don't be upset if she declines!

Good luck to everyone searching for this elusive doll hair style.... and never fear I am still testing different methods and curly styles!! As soon as I am 100% happy that everyone .... with every kind of felt can make a curly hair style .. it will be in a pattern!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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