Dolls And Daydreams sewing patterns is 3 Years Old Today! WOW how time flies! As some of you might know, I love to send my handmade dolls to children in need around the world through my sister site Dolly Donations.  I started by posting a simple free doll pattern  (My NEW Mini Free doll pattern can be found here) online for all to use and it has grown and grown .... and I that is how I evolved into Dolls And Daydreams.

♥ So why do we hand-make dollies for children in need? ......... It's because every child deserves to have their very own dolly to love ... made with love!

Thank you to Rachel for sharing this beautiful photo with me of one her 16 dollies Dolly Donations dolls she sent to Uganda (read more here)  .... it is simply wonderful!

Thank you to all of my wonderful online friends who found me through Dolly Donations and encouraged & helped me to follow my dreams of getting dolls to kiddies less fortunate than my own around the world.

Thank you for all of my clients (old & new) who inspire and support Dolls And Daydreams! I put my heart and soul into each doll and softie pattern I make for you and your kiddie winks to enjoy!

Thank you to all of the Cottage Industries out there who use my doll patterns! I love the fact we can work together as a team!

And Thank you to my amazing husband and children - without you all by my side this would not be possible! You are my inspiration, my daydreams, my heart!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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