NEW Diamond Stitch for Tummies are a Girls Best Friend ;)

Now all of my ITH cotton tummies and hair come with a Diamond Stitch Option! 
As a toy designer I love light looking stitches like the Diamond, the heavier ones, like the Satin Stitch, not only add 1/2 an hour or more to the making of your toy but they often detract from the over all design.  All future designs and patterns purchased (created after Mach 16 2014) will automatically have the diamond stitch included, hooray!

Mice Embroidery Machine ITH Pattern
My Mice are already showing off their Diamond Stitch tummies!

PLUS the Diamond Stitch is not scratchy!  Hooray so it will keep your new stuffie super soft and snugly for your little one ♥

Diamonds Really Are a Girls Best Friend! 
All NEW Orders going forward will be buying the Updated Version :)

Updates for DollsAndDaydreams.com Clients.

All of  My www.DollsAndDaydreams.com Website Clients who purchased before March 16 2014 will find updated patterns and tutorials for their Hedgehog, Bunny & Lamb ITH Embroidery Machine Patterns in their In-boxes (do check your spam) by the end of today!  Hooray!

All patterns purchased after Mach 16 2014 will automatically have the diamond stitch included, hooray!

Updates for My ETSY Cleints -  ** Closed **

As a curtsy to my Etsy Clients those who leave comments under this post by 

Noon 12pm March 23, 2014 (AZ, USA) 

received updates.  

Unfortunately Etsy.com does not allow past purchases to be updated.  This is a major flaw with Etsy's Download System, until it is rectified I can not update past purchases.   If you would like to receive future updates from me on patterns please ALWAYS purchase from my website:  www.DollsAndDaydreams.com

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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