When I became a mother, I started Dolly Donations ... my daughter was only a couple of months old. You see I wanted to make sure that every child had their very own doll to love .... and the Haiti earth quake had just happened...

I still LOVE my charity sewing! Look at how happy these little kiddies are with their new babies!!!  And I love all of the amazing sewing women around the world I have met along the way!  Like Monica who set up this drive and handed out the dollies!

Congratulations to the sewing Grandmas, Mothers, Aunties, Sisters and Daughters out there that sent in a Dolly to our Haiti Doll Drive ..... 800 dolls were handed out last month!!!!!!

There are lots of new 'dolly mummys' who will love their handmade babies forever!

 Find my Free Doll Pattern Here.

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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