Oct 23, 2012

Every girl's a princess - Pocket Princess Dolls for Girls in Need

Paula H

The lovely Paula has come up with a wonderful idea in "Every girl's a princess".  She dropped by my Facebook page to tell me she made up these beautiful Pocket Princesses to raise money to rescue and aid in freeing victims of human trafficking.  Human Trafficking is a frightening reality, even in the Western world, and my heart goes out to all who have been touched by this terrible crime.

Each one...
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Oct 17, 2012

Enlarging a Doll Sewing Pattern: How BIG can you go!

A Dolls And Daydreams Pattern Handmade with love by Brandi BIG ballerina USA 2
When Brandi's daughter asked for a dolly I bet she didn't think her Mummy was going to make her a sister sized one!! And a BIG sister at that!!!
If you have ever wondered what one of my Ballerina's looks like 4 times the size ... here she is!! Wow she must have taken some piecing together after that photo copying session!
I Love her Brandi and I can tell your daughter does too! Two very pretty...
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