First Site Wide SALE in 3 Years!

To Celebrate Launching my NEW Dolls And Daydreams website and reaching 15k Facebook fans I wanted to do something extra special for all of my wonderful customers.


So here is my First EVER Site Wide Sale!!!!!


I strive to provide my clients with the highest standard of design, construction & cuteness and always include an in depth step by step photo tutorial with all of my pattern not only for you and your kids to enjoy but to help you start your own creative cottage industry.  I never inflate my prices, I like to keep them as low as possible all year, and thus rarely have items on sale.   


When I look back over the last 3 ½ years I can’t believe what an amazing journey it has been.  Many of you have come on that journey and I’m ever so grateful to each and every one of you, old … and new friends … Mum’s .. Grandma’s, Sister’s, Aunts, Daughter  … and the odd chap or two!


Thank you all for your constant love and support!


Hugs and Very Happy Sewing!

Sarah xxx


P.s.  Discount Code can be added at the Last Step of the Check Out process.  If you use Paypal you'll be sent back to my site to confirm your order, that's when you add your Discount Code  (All one word  please to make them work!

The 20% off really is 20%  Hooray! SO if you spend $100, you'll pay only $80 ...... SO it's kinda like 2 patterns for free!! Of course if you buy more than $100 you'll be saving more ;)

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