How to Use Cotton Appliqués Instead of Felt, A Doll And Softie Making Tutorial

Posted on September 02, 2011
Want to create a different look for your Dolls and Softies? Why not try cotton appliqués instead of felt ones.

“But Sarah, cotton frays!!!” I hear you cry … this is true, but there are a number of ways around this.

Here are my Top 3 Methods. Best of all, they are fast and really easy!
My Pocket Princess Sewing Pattern has a Cotton Hair Applique Tutorial included in it!

1) Add a Seam Allowance.


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How to Whip Stitch - fab for felt!

Posted on August 30, 2011

The whip stitch is ever so easy and fast. Some people close there softie with a whip stitch but I don’t recommend it for that as it makes the softie look unfinished and a tad ugly if I say so myself … I always choose the invisible Ladder Stitch to close.

However, the whip stitch is lovely and secure (so good when making toys for kiddies under 3), and is great for closing fabrics with multiple...

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Big Doll Martha's Proceeds to be Donated to Make-A-Wish, Hooray!

Posted on August 11, 2011

Martha has been a very busy young lady! Along with all her friends in the Sewing Sisterhood (AU) she has been traveling around and seeing so much!

She’s very excited as all of her proceeds from her on-line auction and her assorted goodies in early December will be donated to Make-A-Wish® Australia!Which helps support children with life-threatening medical conditions and brings happiness to the...

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Pricing & Selling your Dolls and Softies

Posted on July 09, 2011

As you all know I allow for everyone that purchases my sewing patterns to sell items made from them in limited quantities and I’m often asked what price someone should be selling them at. How is it that one person sells a doll at $30 and another at $40 when they are using the same pattern?

Well here’s how I price my finished dolls:

I take into account my Material Cost.

How much was my cotton, felt,...

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How to print your own Fabric Labels using a Hand Carved Logo Stamp

Posted on July 04, 2011

I’ve had the pleasure of peeking through the ever so talented Chantal’s, from Chantal Vincents Art (Au) online blog portfolio for some time now. I adore her hand carved stamps and all the creative ways in which she uses them!

Flying Fish hand carved stamp in her Etsy Shop
From original cards,
...... to cute everyday fun stamps ....
.... To beautiful note books, there’s so many uses for stamps!

So when...

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How to Wash Dolls and Softies made from Felt and Cotton Fabrics

Posted on June 08, 2011
Janet from Felt on the Fly is back with a fabulous tutorial on how to care for your doll and softies made from felt and cotton fabrics.
As you know from her last Guest Post, cotton fabric is easily washed, and pre-washing cotton fabric ensures that the colors are color-fast, and that shrinkage occurs before assembling your project. Janet's wool felt does not require pre-washing and is color-fast.

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Wool Felt: Why Crafters Around the World Love It!

Posted on June 03, 2011

What a treat I have for you! The wonderful Janet from Felt on the Fly  is here for a chat on ….. you guessed it, Fantastic Wool Felt! But this isn’t any old craft felt, no no no, this is soft, beautifully colored high quality merino wool felt from Europe.

Janet was sweet enough to send me a little sample. Really I shouldn’t be surprised at the lovely presentation of her product, she's been in the...

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