If you are getting gaps in your eye fill stitches this usually means your fabric has shifted and you have a stabilizer issue. If you are getting puckering around your embroidered faces again it indicates problems with your fabric movement.  Stabilizers are your friends ;)
We're not talking about minor puckering of the head/neck face etc, this is normal and will come out with stuffing .. your dolls head will need a lot of stuffing!!!   We are talking about hooping just your face fabric for the use in a sewing pattern doll for example :) Or a face with lots and lots of fabulous fill and detail!

Here are my suggestions:  Instead of hooping your face fabric with the stabilizer. Hoop mesh cutaway as your stabilizer. 
Spray a temporary adhesive to put down the face fabric on top of the Mesh Cutaway, smooth your fabric out really well and keep smoothing it as it stitches it in place. 

Floated a double piece (one piece folded over) of heavier Tear Away under the hoop (just tape it in place on the underside of the mesh stabilizer). 

Pin the corners of your face fabric as flat and taught as possible on the upper side of your hoop. Always keep an eye that your fabric stays flat whist it embroiders the face. 

Tear away that stabilizer after the face is done embroidering. You can either steam out the wrinkles before you construct the doll, or wait until after the doll is all done and stuffed nice and firm, used your iron and steam out the remaining wrinkles. Flawless!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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